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Great decision booking your 10 Minute Call as you are just one step away from taking your practice from good to great!


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Here's What To Expect Next...

First: Please complete your homework below.

Watch the videos so you can better understand the principles that make a great practice.

Second: As our call is only 10 Minutes together, we are going to go deep fast.

And so I would like you to start thinking about what is “broken” in your practice. In other words, what are the 3 most critical challenges you facing right now, as we will be focusing on these.

Third : Over the next couple days, I will be sending you case studies from practices owners like you, so you can learn from the best. Pictures of Dr. Aaron, Dr. Maura, and Dr. Lonnie are to the right.


Watch the Perfect Practice “New Client Journey” Video Below:


After you have watched that video, please watch this short video to see WHY I am so passionate about helping YOU! (and yes…you will see and to make the big WIN not only for you, but your team and your local community)

And last, watch this powerful 1 minute transformational video from a practice owner that went from near “throwing in the towel” with their practice to success after the same call you and I are about to have.



P.S. If you are curious like me and want to see how all these practices get these results, take a look at this quick video I shot at our Summit as it will show a bit of the “behind the scenes” process.